Thursday, March 7, 2013

Preparing...and waiting...and preparing...and waiting...

     Well like the countdown clock says, I still have 69 more days to endure before the start of my mission. Sounds awful right?? Well it is until I remember all of the things I still have to do before May 15, and then it's almost overwhelming. As much as I want to leave, I am already freaking out because there is still so much that has to be done! A lot of it is actually shopping. So I know you're thinking  "Why is it so hard for her shop? She's a girl right??" Well yes I am most definitely a girl who normally loves to shop, but the fact that I can only take 6-8 stylish outfits that have to meet the modesty standards (, can all be interchangeable, still look decent after being shoved into a suit case, and comfortable to wear all day every day, is really stressing me out. This is where the Elders have it easy because all they need are a couple of suits, classy ties, some extra pairs pants, and white shirts and they are good to go. Obviously we sisters have a greater challenge in finding mission appropriate attire and so I guess that the mental stress of it all has prevented me from shopping. Now don't get me wrong, I have bought a few pieces here and there like my rain coat (it rains like crazy in NZ) and a couple pairs of shoes, plus I have a few dresses and skirts that I already had and plan to take with me. Luckily, in the near future I will be taking a trip to a city much more glamorous and filled with more shopping than poor little farm-pit NM so there is hope!
     So along with the waiting and logistical planing, I have also been immersed in my spiritual planning and preparation. Besides my desire to serve, and the confirmation I have received that this is the right thing to do, I feel completely inadequate when it comes to serving the Lord. I know that this is something that I am supposed to do but at the same time I am terrified because I barely even understand what it means to be a missionary, let alone how to be one. Fortunately my stake offers an extensive mission prep class every Sunday morning and let me tell you it is absolutely AMAZING! The spirit is so strong and I am even beginning to have some faith in myself along with the faith I have in my Heavenly Father. I have already learned so much and I feel like this class is the highlight of my week. 

    My Sundays are seriously the best because I go to mission prep from 7:30-8:30 a.m., then I drive straight across town to sacrament meeting at 9:00 a.m., after sacrament I have temple prep (LOVE IT), and finally I finish out my church meetings helping in the nursery. I don't think I could get a better meeting schedule. 

    Well even though time is dragging and the days seem to never end I have to admit that I know that there is still so much I need to learn and do before May and I am doing my best to make the most of the time I have left here. But May can you please hurry?

(This book is simply amazing. You should read it regardless of if you are going to serve a mission or not.)

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