Wednesday, March 20, 2013

amazing story of the week...

Back Story: It is no secret that my Dad works as hard as he can to provide a comfortable life for my family. In recent years, because of the straining economy, my dad's job and become so stressful that it is almost unbearable. Despite this though, he still goes to work everyday and works as hard as he can. As a commercial insurance agent, he is constantly working to make sure that his clients and his boss are happy and this at times is near impossible. This time every year he has to renew his deal with San Juan County. This multi-million dollar account is crucial to my dad's salary as well to the company my dad works for, and so every year during this time he almost kills himself to get it renewed.

Main Story: The last few weeks I had noticed that my dad had been under more stress than in years passed  and I knew that it couldn't be good. After talking to my mom I discovered that for one reason or another it seemed as though he was going to loose his deal with the county. Now it is impossible to convey how important this deal is to my father and for him to loose it would be devastating  When I talked to my mom she was all but convinced that he was going to loose it and she was trying to prepare herself for he hard times she saw lying ahead. I myself understood the gravity of the situation and I began to feel the stress myself. If my dad were to loose this deal his salary would be severally effected, thus placing enormous stress on my family. It is hard for me to convey just how stressed we all were (especially my dad).
      Throughout this situation I felt as though the only thing that I could do was pray. I have come to learn in my life that no matter what, I can always pray and that Heavenly Father always hears me and answers my prayers. The only thing I could do was pray. At first I prayed that everything would work out and that he could save this deal. However, as the days and the stress increased I began to realize that this probably wasn't going to work out. Then, instead of praying for him to get the deal, I prayed that no matter the outcome, my family would be okay and that we would have the faith to move forward. Once my prayers changed, so did my outlook on the situation. I no longer felt the stress of him loosing the deal, but I felt the peace that comes from knowing and understanding that Heavenly Father is in charge. My Mom, having experienced the same feelings, encouraged my dad to let it go and understand that we were going to be fine. My dad then realized that the deal was probably lost and there wasn't anything more that he could do. He had done his best and he knew it so what more could he have done? Based on this, he decided that it was more important to go on vacation with his family and spend that precious time with his family. Due to my siblings being on Spring Break, we decided that it was a good time to go to Phoenix and visit family. Because dad realized that the deal lost, he told his boss that he was going with his family.
   So that's where it stood. The deal was going to be lost but we were still going to go on vacation and enjoy this precious time we have together. However, this is where things get a little AMAZING! On the day we had planned to drive to Arizona, my mom called and told me that my dad and his boss had been requested to attend a meeting at the county. Although I tried to tell myself it didn't mean anything, I secretly hoped this meant that there was a chance that he would be able to save the deal. I kept a prayer inside my heart all day. Then I received this message from my father:

When I read this I was so overcome with love and appreciation for my dad. I knelt down in front of my office chair and I poured my soul out to Heavenly Father. I told him how much I loved my dad and how hard I knew work. I prayed that if it be his will, that my dad could get the deal. I also prayed that my dad would be comforted and know exactly what to say so that he would have no regrets. Afterwards I felt the Spirit so strong and again I was overcome with the knowledge that everything was going to be completely fine. I just wanted my dad to know that he is the most remarkable father I could ask for so I sent him this:

After an almost three house meeting, my dad came home and announced that saved the deal! It is just so incredible to me that what seemed impossible was possible thought prayer. I know that it was because of our prayers that we were blessed with this miracle. It is so amazing to know that my prayers were truly answered. I also know that even if my dad had not gotten the deal, he and my family would have been just fine. 

I will cherish this blessing always because it is a perfect example of my Heavenly Father's love for me and my family as well as proof that he hears and answers all of our prayers. The power of prayer is truly amazing.

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