Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Family!

We had a roller-coaster week this week. I feel like things just went up and down and up and down! I guess the best place to start is with the good stuff.

   Janet, our recent convert who was baptized on the 11th spent the past week working so hard to prepare family names to take with her on the ward temple trip. It was the coolest thing ever because we would stop by her house during the day and she would be going through family records and working on her family tree. I could just see the joy that this was bringing into her life. She then got to go do baptisms with the ward on Saturday at the temple and she loved every minute of it. She has a pretty remarkable experience with one of the names and she shared that with us last night and Sister Doole and I just looked at her in awe because we were so amazed at the person that she has become. 

   Another great thing that happened this week is Sister Harman the Sister Training Leader came to Rotorua for exchanges and we had a great time. Her companion is Sister Mu'amoholeva from Tonga (I think I wrote about her before) Anyways there were five sisters staying in our tiny flat for two nights and it was a nonstop party. Sister Pongi and Sister Mu'amoholeva were so funny together and then Sister Harman is so funny herself and she has a ton of funny stories from throughout her mission so all we did (apart from missionary work) is laugh. My sides hurt after they left from laughing so much. I am sad though because Sister Harman finishes her mission next week and then she is back to  Melbourne. Its hard when the missionaries you really love go home because it feels like gap is left in the mission. 

   One more cool story from the week: So we were completely broke this week. We get mission money on the 1st and the 15th of every month and so it usually works out that you shop for two p-days on that money and we usually have enough. Well for some reason we had three p-days to shop with the same amount of money and because there are three of us and one is Tongan we went through a lot of food so inevitably we ran out of both money and food. So for the whole past week we have been praying and surviving on very little. We have been well taken care of by the members though so we weren't starving or anything we just didn't really have food at our flat. I kept telling the sisters that because we had all payed our fast offerings that we would not go hungry. One night we didn't have food for dinner and we went to Janet's house and she made us a huge dinner just because she felt like it. I thought that was a miracle and we were so grateful. But the coolest thing happened on Tuesday when we were walking home one night and we were talking about our lack of money and food when Sister Doole stopped all of the sudden and said "Oh my gosh!" It scared me so bad because I didn't know what happened and it was like she was stunned for a moment. Then she slowly walked forward and picked up a $50 bill. I am not joking we found $50 just sitting in the road by the curb. I still can't believe it because we were in a really poor area and so no one around would even carry fifty dollars around. We looked around but there wasn't anyone on the street and no cars going by at all. It was also really windy so there is no reason why the money would just be sitting there except that we were meant to find it. I knew that we would be taken care of because we had payed our fast offerings and here is the proof. The Lord always provides. 

  Now for the sad news! So Sister Pongi was transferred to Hamilton yesterday and we are really sad. I loved being in a trio with her and Sister Doole. She was so funny and she would do the funniest things. I always loose my Tongans! But it's okay because Sister Doole and I get along great and we still have a lot of fun together. The night before she left we went to say goodbye to some people and Kahu and her family had a little party as an early 21st birthday because she is turning 21 in February. It was really sweet and I know that she felt loved. She was crying when she left because she loved us and the area so much. It's hard being a missionary because you get to know so many amazing people and build relationships with them and then just like that you have to leave. I can't believe it but I spent the last 9 weeks with Sister Pongi and I just can't believe that she is gone. 

  Well that is all that I have for this week. We still have awesome investigators that we are working with and I hope that they will soon be ready for baptism. I hope that everyone has a good week! I love and miss all of you!

Sister Simkins

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