Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Family,

Well once again I guess the Lord has seen fit to give me another missionary to train. This also meant that Sister Gunnell had to be transferred. It was a very sad day because she really became like my best friend. I had to just keep telling myself that this didn't mean that our friendship was over, it just meant that we would be separated for a bit. I also kept reminding myself that because she is from Mesa I will be able to see her all the time after our missions. So yup President Rudd called me up Tuesday night and said "Well Sister Simkins the Lord needs you to train again. This wouldn't happen if you quit turning out fantastic missionaries. Speaking of fantastic missionaries you trained Sister Gunnell so well that she will also be training this transfer." So Sister Gunnell is now in Hamilton training a brand new missionary in my last area so I gave her a list of people to go and visit and I can't wait to hear about how things are going with her. 

At transfers they bring the new missionaries into the Chapel and they sit on the stand behind President and then he announces who will be training whom and then we go up to the front, meet our new companion, and then go back and sit down. So the whole process is so intense that by the end of it I am exhausted and this time I was the last one to be given my companion. So my new companion is Sister Pongi and she is from Tonga! That's right another Tongan. She actually went to High School with Sister Vea. But she is great but she is just really really shy.  This morning I barely got her to start to open up and really talk to me. She has a great spirit though and I know that as soon as she gains some confidence and starts talking she is going to be great. One of the elders made a funny comment though as we were leaving the transfer meeting. He came up to me and said "Sister Simkins you're training again? All you do is train. Pretty soon they are going to start calling you the mother of the mission." This is funny because it's somewhat true. I am training for the third (and a half) time and I've only been out six months. The only sister who is higher than me has been out for a year and she is training for the fourth time. Normally Sister missionaries train three sisters throughout the course of their entire missions. The funny thing is I don't really know anything different. I went from being trained to training. It's been a blast though and I am looking forward to a great transfer with Sister Pongi.
So there was a baptism on Saturday of an 8 year old girl who I have become quite good friends with and so she invited us and the elders to come along. After the baptism Elder Krull went up to the little girl and he shook her hand and tried to congratulate her but she just starred at him and backed away. Elder Krull then turned to me and said "I wonder what I did to offend her?" and I said "Elder, she's an 8 year old girl and you are a guy wearing a suit. Didn't you see her cheeks turn red? Think about it." We then had a pretty good laugh about it. The next day we were in the car with the elders after church and Elder Pearce said "Sister Simkins I have to tell you the funniest thing that happened at church today. Did you see who we sat with in sacrament meeting today? You know the seventeen year-old guy and the thirteen year-old kid? Well I was standing talking to them after sacrament and you were out in the foyer talking to someone and the seventeen year-old was just staring at you. So I asked him what he was doing and all he said was  'Dude that is the hottest sister missionary I have ever seen!' So Sister Simkins can you come to the next lesson with us? Maybe you can get them to listen." Elder Krull then said "Well I attract 8 year-old girls and you attract teenage boys." I was so embarrassed.  Now the whole joke is "flirt to convert" and anyone who knows me knows that that is not possible I just turn red every time they bring it up. 

Sad story of the week! Remember that family that we were teaching with the less-active mother? Well their house burned down this week. They were so blessed that no one died but they lost everything and now they are scrambling to put their lives back together. The church here has been amazing though. People have donated cloths, food, a couch, and some beds to the family. The family is doing well in spite of it all and they are just grateful that no one died. We aren't teaching them at the moment however because they just have so much going on so we are giving them their space. 

Well that is all I really have for this week. Sorry it's not anything exciting. I hope to have some miracles to share next week. I love all of you!


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